Gary Sparkes


Gary is responsible for the operational management for all four design studios, liaising with the international Studio Principals in the UK, US and Australia. He provides line management support to the international senior management teams and supports business diversification across the practice. He was made a Partner in 2016.


Gary has over twenty five years’ experience in theatre and opera as a practitioner, including fifteen years as a Stage Manager at English Touring Opera, Glyndebourne Festival Opera and Scottish Opera. He has twelve years’ experience as a Head of Technical at Scottish Opera and the National Theatre in London. For the two years prior to joining Charcoalblue, he was a freelance Consultant working for clients such as The Backstage Centre in Purfleet and for Doncaster’s new performance venue (CAST), both Charcoalblue projects.


Gary's experience includes management re-organisations for Scottish Opera and the National Theatre, including the design and implementation of new working agreements along with working practice modernisation and the introduction of Health and Safety culture and practice.


Charcoalblue CV - Gary Sparkes