Eric Lawrence


Eric is the Studio Principal for Charcoalblue's Melbourne Studio and has twenty-five years experience as an architect specialising in the design and construction of theatres and buildings for the arts.


Eric’s early involvement in amateur drama backstage works and stage management developed into a professional career with an expertise and understanding of how the building type operates on all levels and for all users. Eric has been involved in the early planning, coordination and detailed construction of many of the UK’s award winning theatres, including the refurbishments of Sheffield Lyceum, Basingstoke’s Haymarket Theatre, Sadlers Wells, The Royal Court, Regent’s Park Theatre and a drama studio for BBC Radio.


Eric’s skills and expertise are in the management and delivery of projects, including team planning, design co-ordination with other disciplines, programming, documentation and contract administration. He works well in situations requiring analysis, problem solving, identification of issues and management of solutions. Eric is acknowledged by his peers as having a keen understanding of the differing types and levels of communication required on a successful project, and the importance of good working relationships between clients, design teams and site personnel.


Charcoalblue CV - Eric Lawrence