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What can we do for you?


Charcoalblue provides detailed design guidance on all aspects of theatre, performance and arts projects. We will tackle anything from a concert hall to a community centre, a gallery to a multi-media centre. Our scope of service can range from preparing the initial feasibility study and assessing user needs and aspirations of the wider community, to the detailed design of a theatre auditorium or the technical fitting out of a stage. We can follow through from developing the correct functional relationships of a building, to the detailed design of all aspects of its public, technical and service areas, as well of course as the auditorium itself.


We have a wealth of experience in adapting and making the most of existing buildings, as well as creating entirely new ones. Our clients include subsidised and not-for-profit organisations, local authorities, educational bodies, property developers and the private sector.


Above all, we want to be judged on our record.  To see what we've done and read what some of our clients have said about us, please follow the links on the left.


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