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A New Performance Space for one of the  UK's Leading Performing Arts Insitutions

Mountview Academy, London


Project summary


Charcoalblue has been appointed as theatre and acoustics consultants for the development of Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts new theatre and education campus in Peckham, London. The brief is for a 200-seat theatre residing within an envelope of 19m x 17m of the building, to facilitate student productions with the ability to rent out commercially.


Musical theatre performances will be the primary use of the space followed by spoken word. A need for the theatre to work aesthetically, practically and acoustically has been a key consideration in the design. In determining the type of theatre that might be suitable for Mountview, alongside design workshops, study tours were taken to garner a sense of shape, size, flexibility and atmosphere of the desired auditorium.


As a result, the ambition for the theatre emerged to be a dynamic, intimate, adaptable performance space; one that is appropriate for students to learn in but also can facilitate professional level performances.


The design will incorporate a high degree of flexibility for various formats and solutions to achieve ideal acoustic conditions given its neighbouring rehearsal studios.